Please make sure you have completed the re-do mini-project this time on La boum d'anniversaire for tomorrow, as we discuss aboiut it on Tuesday. Use all your material for spelling and color for the drawing, please!!!! It is a graded writing assignment , Here is attached the paper in case you forgot it at school.

Please review the vocabulary covered in class everyday on "Les vetements/Les fringues" including spelling :) , using your handout with the exemple and Quizelet. The colors too as a reviewed. Mini quiz on Friday.

Here is the link for Quizlet, use the star in front of each to select only the vocabulary covered in class, and the "starred" to be able to practice these specific vocabulary. I have attached the pictures step 1 and 2.

Les vêtements : https://quizlet.com/_4tg0fn

Les couleurs : https://quizlet.com/_4t1v8b

Don't forget about Rosetta Stone!!!! is due tonight,  April 11th to May 15th, 5hours!!!