7th Grade Science News

Dear students,

Welcome to the seventh grade.

This year our focus of study is biology, which is the examination of life. Biology is an exciting integrative science that encompasses the cellular basis of living systems, the energy and metabolisms that underlie the activities of life, the genetic basis for inheritance, and the study of evolutionary relatedness among organisms comprising the diversity of life. For more information, visit Mr. Choi's Homepage.


7th graders are finding out why life is not so easy to define.


In our year-long survey we will explore:

Unit 1: Introduction to Life Science
- What is life?
- Organisms and biological classification
- Animals (Invertebrates and Vertebrates)

Unit 2: From Molecules to Organisms - Structures and Processes
- Atoms, molecules, and compounds
- Chemical bonds
- Properties of water
- Macromolecules (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids)
- The cell theory and cell structures
- Cell division and protein synthesis
- Cellular transport and metabolism
- Cell reproduction and protein sysnthesis

Unit 3: Heredity - Inheritance and Variation of Traits
- Plant structures and reproduction
- Human reproduction and development
- Heredity and genetics
- Heredity and disease

Unit 4A: Biological Evolution - Unity and Diversity
- What is evolution?
- Decent with modification
- Natural selection
- Speciation
- Your inner fish

Unit 4B: Ecosystems - Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics
- Energy Webs
- Trophic Levels
- Biomes
- Introduced Species

Unit 5: Animal Bodies and Organ Systems
- What is anatomy?
- What is physiology?
- Anatomical and Orientation Terms
- Fetal pig dissection


Mr. Choi

All homework and course material will be posted on the 7th Grade Homework Document.

- 7th Homework Document 2017 Q1