8th Grade Science News

Dear students,

Welcome to the eighth grade.

This year our focus of study is physical science, with an emphasis on physics and chemistry. Physical science is the fundamental study of matter and energy as it relates to both non-living and living systems. For more information, visit Mr. Choi's Homepage.


8th graders are working on their science fair proposals.


In our year-long survey we will explore:

Unit 1: Introduction to Physical Science
-Scientific theories, laws, and ethics
-Science as a process
-Measurements in science
-Using tools in the lab
-Using data
-The Science Fair Project

Unit 2: Physics
- The nature of physics and mathematics (scalars and vectors)
- Kinematics
- Dynamics and Newton’s Laws
- Conservation of momentum and energy

Unit 3: Chemistry
-The nature of chemistry
-Physical and chemical properties
-Atomic structure (atomic models, quantum mechanics, chemical bonds)
-Periodicity (periodic tables, elements, periodic trends)
-Chemical nomenclature
-Chemical reactions
-Gas laws (Ideal & real gas laws)


Mr. Choi

All homework and course material will be posted on the 8th Grade Homework Document.
- 8th Homework Document 2017 Q1