LaSalle Language Academy is a Chicago Public Magnet School with a concentration on world languages and cultures. We offer students a choice of four world languages: Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish. Prior to Kindergarten, parents rank the four languages in order of preference. Children study the same language from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Education in the world language is as much a part of each child’s day as social studies, mathematics, science, language arts, and specialty subjects. With world language as one of the core subjects, the LaSalle academic program challenges all students to achieve excellence and an understanding of other cultures.

A mirror of the diversity of LaSalle’s international curriculum, the student population of 554 is 35 % Caucasian, 30% African American, 20% Hispanic, 14% Asian and 1% multi-ethnic.


LaSalle Language Academy will provide the foundation for all students to become creative intellectuals and people with integrity, who persevere with the confidence to become empathetic, active and engaged global citizens and role models.


LaSalle’s mission is to provide a rigorous, comprehensive education, an appreciation of diverse cultures and languages, and opportunities to acquire effective communication skills. We will use best practices and authentic experiences to meet the needs of the whole child by fostering a community with high expectations, structured support and dedication.


LaSalle first opened its doors on January 10, 1881, with an expansion added in 1893. A new school building was constructed at the current location in the 1960s. LaSalle became a Magnet school with enrollment by lottery in 1981. The Magnet status means that LaSalle Language Academy is accessible via lottery for all students living in the City of Chicago.


Parents submit one application where they can choose up to 20 magnet schools during the application period early October to mid-December for the next school year. Siblings are automatically accepted for the kindergarten grade. Space in grades 1st through 8th depends on families leaving the school. Lotteries are held each year at the central office in February for the next school year. Parents are notified by mail in March of the acceptance or non-acceptance of the student. Information is available on the CPS website, Office of Access and Enrollment.


  • LLA has an all-day kindergarten.
  • Our school day starts promptly at 8:50 AM and ends at 4:00 PM Mondays through Fridays.
  • LLA offers a free breakfast. Free or reduced lunch program is offered to students whose families meet specified economic guidelines.
  • Our cafeteria staff prepares a hot lunch daily or students may bring their lunch from home.
  • LLA is proud of the educational opportunities it offers and thanks its students, parents, community members and staff for their active participation and dedication.