BONJOUR 6TH GRADE FRENCH (Click here to read)









DECEMBER/JANUARY UPDATE (N.B. 3 hours of Rosetta Stone is due January 30, with a start date of December 20) 

Bonne Année! The students came back from break and went right into writing New Year Resolutions using the 2 verb stuctures we have been working on (In 2018, I am going to .... or I am not going to ......). We will then move on to writing psotcards about what you can do in Chicago, imagining we are French tourists writing to family back home in France. 


OCTOBER/NOVEMBER UPDATE (N.B. 4.5 hours of Rosetta Stone due December 19 at 11:59 p.m., since November1 ) Having introduced the conjugation of regular -ir verbs (with those hard-to-remember plural endings -issons, -issez, -issent) , we then completed shopping dialogues and learned a Halloween-themed poem (Cinq petits potirons). The students completed the Unit 1 test just before I left for France with the 8th grade students. While I was away, they started reading the short story "Pauvre Anne", and embarked upon Unit 2 in the Tricolore 2 book, with its theme of travel and tourism. The embedded grammar will be learning some important irregular verbs in the present tense and combining two verbs in one phrase (to be able to + INFINITIVE. e.g. We are able to take the train = We can take the train etc.) Students will also use the immediate future (to be going to + INFINITIVE, e.g. The boys are going to study.) SEPTEMBER UPDATE (N.B. 3 hours of Rosetta Stone due Tuesday October 3 at 11:59 p.m., since September 5) In class we are working on the theme of shopping, with the embedded grammar of "stem-changing" verbs and regular "-re" verbs in the present tense. After three review quizzes to "reactivate prior knowledge" we have now started quizzes on new material (les magasins). We are also doing a weekly dictation in French to encourage students to really think about what they are hearing. French is full of silent endings, but it is important to be able to visualize the spellings in order to fully comprehend the spoken language. I will be training the students to listen for specific context, gender and singular/plural cues to help them successfully complete the dictations. Students may retake a quiz, but parents must complete a retest request letter documenting the work that was done at home to improve performance. WELCOME LETTER Bonjour 6th grade French students and families! I am delighted to be meeting or reconnecting with your child in 6th grade, and look forward to helping the students gain increased confidence in communicating in French. We will use the student book TRICOLORE 2 along with additional teacher-developed materials. Students will use the Grammar in Action 2 workbooks for homework tasks. The French fees include the fee for participation in the National French Contest in March, and the Tricolore 2 workbook, Grammar in Action. Please send in the fees a.s.a.p., including the bottom half of the fee letter with your child’s name clearly written on the form. MERCI! Please also return the Contact Information sheet, being sure to: Circle your preferred means of communication; Indicate how you would like to assist with French enrichment activities; Sign at the bottom of the page to indicate that you understand where to check the Rosetta Stone (RS) deadlines (since the weekly RS requirement is worth 10% of the overall WL grade). I will establish a group email list for quick class updates based on this contact information. Students should bring home their Tricolore 2 textbook, their printed “Grammar in Action” workbook (also included in the fee letter), and their World Language folder (holding their notebook, workbook, and some loose-leaf paper) on a daily basis. There will be French homework most days, in addition to the 45 minutes of weekly independent Rosetta Stone practice. This homework may consist of written exercises, reading texts, online activities, memorization of songs, poems or skits, vocabulary enrichment activities and preparation for tests. Homework will be listed on the shared 6th grade HW document, but students should also write it in their agenda each day. Using a good online bilingual dictionary, such as, is perfectly acceptable. However, using a translator program to write assignments is NEVER acceptable, is considered CHEATING and will result in an F. Please check the grade book ( to monitor your child’s grade. I often leave messages and feedback for parents regarding specific assignments, including which level of test was taken, on the grade book. Do not hesitate to contact me with your questions and concerns: Bridget Veitch