School Supply Lists are Here!

School supply lists are here!  The Friends of LaSalle has partnered with for online purchasing at discounted prices. The best part is that Yubbler will donate 50% of the profits back to the school.
Here's how to order:
•   Find the supply list for your child’s grade by going to this link
•   Click on the purchase button (“Full List”) then enter your shipping and billing information
•   You can customize your cart at checkout by removing or adding items
•   The deadline to purchase supplies is August 20th to ensure that you receive your supplies before school.  However, we recommend you purchase supplies as soon as possible to help us lock inventory for the start of school.

What happens after you order:
•   Supplies are shipped “Next Day” to your home for free.
•   You spend time at the beach rather than looking for 3-hole punched eco-friendly folders in magenta... It’s that simple!

A few things to note: 
There are three sections for each grade:  the basic supplies, additional supplies that you may already have and don't need to order and items that you need to purchase separately because the vendor doesn't carry them. Make sure to take note of these items.

If your grade requires a specific color of notebook, you need to buy this separately, as the vendor can't determine color. Please note the color listed under "Buy Separately" section of your grade.

World Language supplies need to be separated out, they will arrive mixed with classroom supplies.
There will be a designated day the week before school starts to drop off supplies. 

We are working on putting together the pdf list of school supplies and will send that out next week!


Order Your 2018 School Supplies!