Week of December 4-8, 2017

Upcoming Events

Date  Event

12/12  LSC- State of the School

12/14  La Posada

12/14-12/20  Holiday Market Fundraiser

12/21  Winter Assembly


Our Learning

Reading: We continued practicing beginning, middle, and end.

Writing: We learned how to write letters S and O. We continued to set goals for writing.

Math: We started classifying objects and comparing groups.

Science: We learned more about our senses of sight, smell, and hearing.


Sight Words

This Week: run, sit, up

Next Week: did, be so


Social Emotional Learning

We learned how to handle accidents in Second Step! We ask if the other person is okay, say we're sorry, and tell them it was an accident.

We learned about Growth Mindset and not giving up!

We continue to practice our skills for learning.


Please see the attached letter about our Winter Fun Mini-Project!

Thank you to all who have helped with prep work in the classroom and at home. You are amazing!


Winter Fun Mini-Project

The holiday season is upon us! In class, we will be sharing how different families have different winter traditions. I would like your child to pick one of your family’s winter traditions or activities to share with the class.

The children will present the winter tradition to the class. The presentation does not have to be elaborate, but he/ she should have a visual. It can be a photo, a drawing, or a picture from the internet.

Have fun!

I will be looking to see that your child uses a clear voice, looks at the audience, and shares three details about his/her tradition. Please help your child be prepared to answer questions from the other children.

This product is due, Monday, December 18.