Week of January 22-26, 2018

Upcoming Events

Date    Event

2/2      No School (School Improvement Day)

2/12    Grade Level Dinner

2/14    Valentine’s Day

Our Learning

Reading: We continued reviewing our Quarter 2 sight words and got back into the routine of Daily 5. We learned –an family words, too!

Math: We learned to use ten frames and dominoes to help us add and worked in our math journals to practice those skills.

Writing: We talked about simple sentence stems we can use to make writing sentences easier and began incorporating them into our writing.

Social Studies: We focused on self-control, belly breathing, and being kind.

Social Emotional Learning

We practiced Belly Breathing in Second Step.

We learned about self-control. We stop, we think, we act!

We did a project about sprinkling kindness everywhere.


Valentine’s Day is coming up! As a reminder, we are following the CPS Healthy Celebrations policy and cannot hand out unhealthy snacks that day. Please keep this in mind as you prepare valentines!