Week of January 8-12, 2018

Upcoming Events

Date       Event

1/15       No School

1/17       Field Trip to Rainforest Café


Our Learning

Reading: We learned about word families, focused on -at words, and rebuilt our Read to Self stamina.

Writing: We learned that when we’re done, we’ve just begun and to keep trying when writing gets hard.

Math: We began our addition unit and learned new vocab: addend, plus, sum.

Science: We began our unit on living things by discussing what plants and animals need.

Social Studies: We learned about Martin Luther King, Jr.


Social Emotional Learning

This week in Second Step, we learned that we feel feelings in our bodies. We learned that our bodies can tell us how we are feeling.



Thank you to everyone who sent in crayons! The students are enjoying their new crayons and caddies!

Field trip permission slips are due this Tuesday, 1/16!

Please send your child with boots and snow pants when there is snow on the ground. We will be outside for recess as long as it’s not too cold!